Thursday, May 3, 2012


So this is Lywin talking. I'm the protagonist of The Care of a King a book that Anne is writing and that is currently on hold.  Annike{hero of said book} and I have decided to put her through the same grill she has put us through on several occasions.

By which we mean Beautiful People. We think it's unfair that the writer gets all the fun of it. It's time for her to sweat over what we say instead of the other way around. I'm Annike. I'll be writing in blue. Lywin will write in purple and if Anne decides she needs to say something she'll write in red.
1. What is their favourite type of shoes?
First of all I think that we need to establish that the words "Anne" and "shoes" are antonyms.
Right. But she does like those button up boots that they had back in the 1900's.

2. Do they journal? 
Well she has one. But it's usually filled with snippets and bits of stories, not what she does. She keeps meaning to start one but that'll happen the same day that she says she thinks that Anthony Andrews can't act. Hey! I may someday start writing what happens to me down! And someday your sister will buy a Nick Jonas CD. The chances are the same for both.

3. What’s their favorite animal? 
Horses. And cats. I can understand the love of horses after all they are part of life and without them we would be pretty stuck. Plus they are awesome. But cats? Cats are small and easy to step on and they look at you when you are thinking privately. And they pounce on things. Including me.
4. What does their average day look like?
She gets up at 5:30. Or not. Then she has her bible time. Then she does part of her Math. Trust me that stuff is cool. It's just numbers. But she likes it. Then she goes running. Now that part I like. We all get to talk to and she listens to our stories and she tells us her ideas and we approve or condemn them.  Lately it's been mostly condemning. I feel bad about that. I wish Roddy{one of the heroes of her new book} would cut her some slack. 
Here here!
Then there's all this schoolwork. Math, cell structure, notes about some guy named Trespassers W....
Um actually his real name is William Wilberforce but nicknamed him Trespassers W. after Piglet's grandfather in Winnie the Pooh. 
Yeah she nicknames everything. Including her calculator. His name is Handy-dandy-helpful-hal. Then she makes lunch and we all sing with her.  Except Annike doesn't sing he thinks he sounds terrible.  After lunch there is usually a walk then she finishes school. Spanish, boring machine like papers on books that are perfectly good and do not deserve that kind of treatment, handwriting, and practice for her history performance. Which is tomorrow! After school she writes and blogs and draws and plays with her siblings. Or she reads. Then after dinner she either does the dishes or laundry or something. Both of which we like immensely. If she does the dishes she and her sister Amy sing at the tops of their lungs about Stars and dreams and  angry men and stuff like that. Those are songs from Les Misrables. Show some respect.  If they don't sing they talk and that I can tell you is interesting. And if she does laundry she recites Pilgrims Progress to us. Then she either reads or does stuff with her family {who are awesome} or blogs until bedtime. Then we all have another looooong chat. 

5. Night owl or morning person? (Optional: What time do they usually wake up? Go to bed?)
Both actually.  Anne doesn't need much sleep and as long as she's asleep by 11:00 she can get up at 5:30 fine. 

6. Do they have a sweet tooth? 

Does the sun rise in the east? 

7. What colors are their bedroom?
Pink and white. She painted it with her mom and sister.

8. Can they cook? 
Um. Annike be nice! She makes very good rice. And apple pie! She's not her sister Amy. Let's put it that way.  Yeah. 

Nice supportive characters I have!
9. What is their favorite household chore?
Drying the dishes.  Yeah, that and making  taco salad for dinner. 

10. Favorite kind of tea?

Hot chocolate. That's not tea. She likes plain tea with lots of milk and sugar.

Here's a song that reminds  us of her 

This is her when it's time to write.  Not all the time though. Sometimes she gets it, and then she keeps going and going and going. We hope we havn't insulted her to much because she's a really nice author and we love her {even she does drive us nuts sometimes}.