Saturday, August 18, 2012

Rewriting is not fun

Well it sort of is but then again it isn't really. I hope I'm making sense but i'm probably not. This is Eric by the way.

We all thought we were done we all thought he story had been told we were all ready to be yanked into the next one to actually relive the whole war just as we'd just relived all the events leading up to the war as Anne wrote Legend and then...

She yanked us all around back to the beginning. Apparently she's planning to rewrite the whole thing over again several times. And it's confusing, because she doesn't write it in order anymore. She keeps backtracking an sidetracking. Oh the life of a character.

Right now I'm in jail. This is near the beginning so though right now I know what happens next all she has  do is start writing and it's like we're doing it all over again and we have no memory of what happened after the point in time she's writing.

Anyway Anne asked me to do beautiful people today and I said sure but then she said she wanted the Sage to ask the questions. Well I agreed because she's been really good about listening to what I have to say lately and not going of and doing what she wants and I think she needs a reward but if I had my pick she would ask and answer the questions about me like she normally does. It's more comfortable that way.

Greetings. This is the sage. Many happy returns of the day. 

It's not my birthday

So? I want you to keep on living anyway don't I? 

Just ask the questions please.

That was a question.

Oh. I guess you want me to keep on living. Though I must say it's not a popular wish among the people I know.

You don't know me.

Yes I do.

Of course I do. I was talking about you.

I was talking about me.

But I had been talking about you not me,. It's rude to change the subject.

But when you say you and I say me it's the same thing.

No it isn't. I say you because you are you, and you say me because me is the seventh letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

You should say I am the seventh letter of the Hebrew alphabet and...

But I am not not a letter.

I "is" not a letter. And it most certainly is a letter.

Stop contradicting yourself.

I have a headache.

I have an onoin

That's not how you spell onion.

That may not be the way you spell it but it is the way I spell it.

How do ever expect anybody to understand you?

Simple I explain to her very carefully.


You certainly don't think anybody is a boy?

Lot's of people are boys.

That doesn't make anybody one. Lot's of people are crazy that doesn't make me crazy.

You are crazy.

I am a sage.The two are often mistaken for each other but in the end the either amount to the same thing or something entirely different.


I believe he's passed out. Oh well I must be getting a long. There are messes to make.